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Prevent is a UK government strategy designed to prevent radicalisation and extremism. In education, Prevent is implemented through the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, which places a legal duty on schools, colleges, and universities to have "due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism".


Here are some ways that we implement Prevent:

  • Training: All our staff receive training on the signs of radicalisation and how to identify and respond to concerns. This includes training on the legal duty to prevent extremism and the importance of safeguarding vulnerable students.

  • Curriculum: The curriculum is designed to promote British values and encourage critical thinking, respect, and tolerance. This includes teaching about different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives, as well as discussing issues related to extremism, terrorism, and radicalisation in a sensitive and age-appropriate way.

  • Student support: We will provide support to students who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, or who may have concerns about others. This includes pastoral care, counselling, and access to external support services where necessary.

  • Risk assessments: We conduct risk assessments to identify and address any risks of radicalisation. This includes monitoring students who may be vulnerable to extremist influences, and taking appropriate action to intervene where necessary.

  • Partnership working: We work in partnership with local authorities, the police, and other agencies to share information and coordinate responses to concerns about radicalisation.

The aim of Prevent in education is to create a safe and inclusive environment that promotes the welfare and wellbeing of all students, and protects them from the harms of extremism and radicalisation.

Bill Fitzpatrick

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Rachel Wilson

Deputy Safeguarding Officer

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