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Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

Aspire to Learn is committed to its policy and the practice of equality of opportunity. This commitment applies to all aspects of work by Aspire to Learn and to all members of the Aspire to Learn community, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, political beliefs or any other trait commonly identified for discrimination.


Everyone connected with Aspire to Learn is expected to take responsibility for ensuring that equality of opportunity and human rights including British Values are promoted. This comprises of creating a culture of mutual respect in which all contributions to society and this organisation are valued.


The aims and objectives, outlined below indicate the expectations of Aspire to Learn:


• To comply with all relevant legislations, including the Race Relations, Sex Discrimination and Disability Discrimination Acts.

• To ensure an environment free from harassment, unfair or unlawful discrimination

• To develop the ethos of equality of opportunity and take positive steps to promote said ethos.

• To regularly review the policies and procedures which promote and protect equality of opportunity

• To organise and access opportunities that foster a culture of equality in both staff and Apprentices

• To discourage and actively oppose any unfair or unlawful discrimination

• To monitor procedures and activities to ensure effectiveness

• To take into account the needs of Apprentices, particularly those which create barriers to participation

• To take positive action to redress unjustified disparities in education and employment

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