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Employer Requirements

Employer Requirements

Each employer working with Aspire to Learn will be expected to provide quality work experience and learning within a safe working environment. An Apprenticeship Learning Agreement between the employer, Aspire to Learn and the Apprentice will address the responsibilities involved and the conditions that apply.


The employer is encouraged to take an active role in all aspects of the Apprentices’ development and welfare, particularly for the following areas:


• Nominating a supervisor or mentor to be responsible for the Apprentice

• Carrying out an agreed programme of induction, where relevant

• Taking part in qualification assessments and reviews

• Ensuring equality of opportunity to the Apprentice at all times.


The supervisor or mentor should encourage and support the Apprentice to collect work evidence to assist with the completion of the course framework. This evidence includes: completed diary or work sheets, photographs and other visual or written evidence of work.


The Assessor responsible for your Apprentices’ programme should be kept up to date on matters relating to attendance, discipline, accidents, etc. Please remember that our staff can be contacted in writing, by email or by calling us:


Address: 68 George Lane, South Woodford, London, E18 1LW.

Telephone: 020 8989 9832


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