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There are various forms of support available for Apprentice's with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities to help them succeed. Here are some ways in which apprenticeships can support those with SEN:

  • Reasonable adjustments: Employers are required by law to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of apprentices with SEN. This may include adjustments to the workspace, equipment, or working hours.

  • Additional support: Apprentices with SEN may be eligible for additional support such as extra time for assessments or a support worker to help them with their studies.

  • Individual learning plans: Apprentices with SEN may have an individual learning plan (ILP) which sets out their needs and the support they require. This may include goals, targets and strategies for support to achieve them.

  • Access to technology: Technology can be a great equaliser for people with SEN. Apprentices with SEN may benefit from assistive technology such as screen readers or voice recognition software, which can help them access information and complete tasks.

It's important to note that apprenticeships are inclusive and accessible to all. If you have SEN, don't let that hold you back from pursuing an apprenticeship. Talk to Special Educational Needs Officer for advice on support and opportunities available to you.

Bill Fitzpatrick

Special Educational Needs Officer

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