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The aim of Apprenticeship programmes is to create a skilled and motivated workforce which is adaptable to the changing needs of today’s industry. As a Learning Provider, Aspire to Learn aims to meet these changing needs by designing bespoke programmes of work-based learning (WBL) to support and equip individuals with the skills and qualifications required by employers.

With over 30 Apprenticeship programmes, we aim to provide a wide range of opportunities for learning and work experience leading to the achievement of a qualification, in the occupational area being followed.

You can download our Employer Handbook by clicking here


Employers can receive incentives of up to £3000 for each Apprentice hired from April 1st 2021. There is no longer an age criteria set for hiring Apprentices.

From April 2021, employers will also be able to hire a further 10 Apprentices no matter how many Apprentices they employ already.

You could get the incentive payment when you hire an apprentice who’s been made redundant, as long as they’re new to your organisation.

Aspire to Learn will help you with setting up your Digital Apprentice Service Account (DAS). You can download our Digital Apprentice Service User Guide by clicking here

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Additional Information

Why should I hire an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice allows your organisation to employ someone who you can develop and tailor to your way of working. When you hire an apprentice they will be working towards a nationally recognised qualification (QCF).

Benefits of hiring an apprentice with Aspire to Learn;

  • Apprenticeships are an excellent and cost effective way of finding young, talented individuals to mould as you wish

  • Grow your business and help the local community by employing a young person.

  • Aspire to Learn apprentices receive on the job training at your workplace!

  • The apprentice minimum wage starts  at £4.30  per hour

As of May 2017 the Apprenticeship funding has changed and the Apprenticeship Levy has been introduced. For more information on the Apprenticeship Levy please click here

If you are considering employing an Apprentice then simply complete the contact form and one of our dedicated recruitment team will get in touch.

Alternatively, contact us on 0208 989 9832 to have a discussion with our staff and find out more about Apprenticeships.

Can you train my current staff?

Aspire to Learn are able to train your existing staff helping to improve their skills and gain new qualifications, whether it’s providing enhanced skills with a nationally recognised qualification or providing shorter courses to develop further skills and knowledge.

We can provide professional development in Food Safety, Emergency First aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Mental Health, Safeguarding and many more.

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